Natya Sudha

Natya Sudha is as Delhi based Indian classical Dance, BharataNatyam and Traditional Performing arts studio based out of Gulmohar Park. I was bought in to revamp NatyaSudha's website from a wordpress based one to a completely custom solution.

The Director of Natya Sudha had a pretty straight forward brief for the website - she just needed a static website with a contact form. I used vanilla HTML5 and TailwindCSS for declarative CSS bindings and quickly writing the frontend. I've used Webpack as a packaging tool for putting together the frontend and it's dependencies. The contact form is enabled via Netlify's form capability and delivered straight over email. There is no backend as it didn't need one and I didn't want to over-engineer a simple solution. I've used Github for version control and Github Actions for testing/CI. The project in its entirety (both backend and frontend) is Continously Integrated/Continously Deployed on Netlify, after being packaged on Docker.

You can visit the website here .

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