Hi, I'm Sarthak Batra

Creator of bespoke digital experiences

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What I Do

Full Stack - MEAN/MERN/PERN/LAMP | Web/Mobile/DevOps. Game Dev. Teacher & Mentor.

More about me

I build new projects just to tickle my brain and love teaching others how they're made.

While I keep busy teaching courses, I still take interviews in search of a great team & projects that interest me.


Fullstack developer with primary focus on providing a mindblowing experience: Download Resume

  • Python/Django
  • DevOps (AWS/CI-CD Pipelines/Testing)
  • Problem Solver
  • Javascript
  • SQL/NoSql Databases
  • Google Maps API
  • JS Charts
  • AWS (RDS/S3)
  • Heroku

Some of my past projects

e-Commerce Product Catalogue

Full Stack app built in MERN and deployed as a demo project over Heroku

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Natya Sudha

NatyaSudha is a Delhi based school of Bharatanatyam and Indian classical and traditional performing arts!

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Custom ServerSideReact - HackerNews' Clone

Made a clone of HackerNews with a custom ReactJs Project with server side rendering (without using nextjs, etc) and Express

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MERNG Social Media Website

Made a Full Stack Social Media website with Authentication and Authorization using the MERN stack with GraphQL

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